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Top Choice Plumbing                       SLAB LEAK

A slab leak is when a Copper pipe, P.V.C. pipe, C.P.V.C. pipe, Galvanized pipe, or P.E.X. pipe leaks under a cement slab foundation. Most of the time these leaks are on the Hot water side of your plumbing system, and once in a while on the cold water line. Well at least in my area of Oxnard California. We really don’t have a problem with pipes freezing over here..Haha

Ok, You can find out if you have a slab leak a couple different ways. First way is if the water springs up through the floor and floods your house of course! But slab leaks are tricky sometimes and leak without you knowing! So you can check certain things: Make sure all the faucets in the house are turned off then go to your water meter in frontyard and check if the smallest dial is moving, that dial measures the smallest amount of water. If that dial is moving and no one is using the water inside the house then you probally have a slab leak. You can also tell you have a slab leak if you feel heat coming from floor, you might wake up in the morning walking around thinking you have a heated floor. Another way is simply your water bill comes three times more than last month.

Now comes the fun part of a slab leak. Locating the leak! Many will fail and play search and destroy. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT atempt to try to locate a slab leak yourself, unless you want holes dug up all over your house. I am a professional and to this day I still rely on leak locating equipment to find the leak. So If you have any questions or see any of these signs just call me at Top Choice Plumbing.

Tony Chavez—Top Choice Plumbing


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