Why I started Top Choice Plumbing

Top Choice Plumbing

As a child I was forced to go to work every summer when school was out. My Dad did Finish Concrete work and while he was working I was playing. Soon I started playing with all the tools, what do you know I acually had a knack for it. Over the course of my childhood I learned how to use all the Power and Hand tools along with becoming a basic concrete finisher. As I grew older I realized how much labor is involved with concrete work, So being involved with construction I found plumbing to be a great trade. With plumbing you use your head just as much as you use your hands, along with that plumbers make good money so I was hooked. In my late teens school wasn’t going to well so I found myself working more than going to school. I started working for a custom plumbing company that consisted of a second and third generation master plumbers. Most of our work was based in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, and all over Ventura County and L.A. area. Needless to say I was exposed to lots of custom plumbing applications and got some real good experience working with fancy  fixture plumbing. Everything we did seemed to be modified and customized to owners request. I really enjoyed thinking on my toes and being creative. One time I was given a 4’x4′ shower ripped to the studs with an open budget and told make it amazing. So what did I do? His and Hers rainhead shower heads, 15 body sprays that covered front back and side of body, steam shower unit with aromatherapy diffuser steam head inside shower, his and hers fixed showerheads, his and hers temperature control valves, and a couple of pull-out shower heads. Of course the owners Loved it, and from that day on I was put in charge of all the fancy custom creative requests. I found it fun to crawl in attics and under house’s doing jobs that most of these guys were either too big or too dumb to do. I’ve done many other trades and handyman types of jobs before but over the years stuck with Plumbing as my Specialty trade. I was always taught to find one thing your good at and stick with it. I worked with that company for a really long time until they slowed and I had to move on. I worked for a service company in malibu for a couple years tightening up my service skills. The last company I worked for was a service company in Ventura which again was just not giving me the satisfaction that I desired as a plumber. I felt like the world has more to offer and my creative mind was not being utilized to it’s full potential. So I started a new chapter in my life which is Top Choice Plumbing…..to be continued…        

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4 Responses to Why I started Top Choice Plumbing

  1. Andrea says:

    Excellent story! Thank you again for assisting us with our emergency! You are so talented and will use you again as well as refer you!

  2. sigourney randall says:

    loved to read your entry!& thank you for the work today!!

  3. Great story…. “getting to know you!”

  4. Thanks Tony! Great history!

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